"Covid 19 has been a drastic time for us all, but we’ve been working on a new product that is key for immunity"

About Us

About Us

Vital Key Nutraceuticals are new players in the vitamins, minerals and supplement industry.  Our vision is to become one of the industry’s leaders in supplying the finest quality supplements and adding new innovative nutraceuticals into the market for a great price. To keep it simple, we want to provide top quality products that are at great value and push new innovative entrants into the market. We want our customers to try and ultimately use our products on a long term and have their health and well-being improved.

We endeavour genuine enhancement of our client’s health and wellbeing, and at Vital Key we never will compromise on quality in which every product is manufactured in the United Kingdom to GMP standards for all of our customers peace of mind.

Nutraceuticals have fascinated the world today due to their potential health, nutritional and therapeutic effects, in which they can act as functional aids in an excess number of key processes such as antioxidant defences, cell repair and even weight loss. Nutraceuticals are now used to improve health, prevent disease, postpone aging or just aid the general human body in its everyday functions. Diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety, common flu, insomnia and many more diseases and issues have all been tackled with the help of nutraceuticals today.

Nutraceuticals are defined as a food or specific component of a food that provides an extra health benefit including treating or preventing disease. A nutraceutical can be a natural nutrient rich or medicinally active food, such as ginger or broccoli or even a specific component such as Vitamin C that can be derived from an orange or many other citrus fruits. These are often categorised into; dietary supplements, functional foods and drinks, medicinal food and even pharmaceuticals. Dietary supplements are regulated as food supplements, but they contain key nutrients and minerals that are derived from food which are concentrated into a powder, liquid, or capsule/tablet form used to aid or enhance the human body. Nutraceuticals are general agents of ensuring good wellbeing and health which is Vital and Key.


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